We’re on a mission.

We’re set out to spread the word of Analytica to the financial modeling community. It’s nothing less than a revolution—to replace Excel when transparency, reliability, and flexibility are crucial. We were passionate Excel modelers ourselves, but when we discovered Analytica we got hooked. And never looked back.

We build financial models with Analytica. And we teach you how.

syconomic is a boutique consulting firm specializing in building decision support models. We have over 15 years of experience in financial modeling, corporate planning, risk modeling and analysis, and corporate treasury. Our clients are well-known German and European companies from various industries. Our models and tools are not focused on producing “numbers” but on gaining greater insight into what really drives profits, cash, value or whatever is of interest for the client.

Our greatest asset is our ability to turn the customer’s knowledge into models. Our agile modeling approach delivers visible, “touchable” results right from the start. Analytica’s influence diagrams allow us to discuss the logic of models graphically with clients. As a result, we spend much less time getting confirmation of a model's accuracy from clients and spend more time actually helping them think through their problems and solutions.

We only sell what we use ourselves

We wouldn't evangelize Analytica and act as Lumina's reseller in Europe if we hadn't used Analytica in so many challenging projects over the last 10+ years. And if we hadn't experienced so many happy, almost enthusiastic customers and Analytica users. Only our extensive expertise allows us to provide you with the best service around Analytica and its applications in financial modeling.

We founded syconomic because  we strongly believe in something.

Structure is more important than facts.

We don’t know more than others. Since the invention of the internet, Google, and Wikipedia, information and facts don’t make the difference anymore. The point is rather to set things in context and create clarity, structure, and system.

We’re always trying to talk straight.

We don’t like consulting or business mumbo-jumbo. We try to say what we have to say in simple and clear words. When we talk or write, we want to be understood—and not to wow someone. That's why our website looks the way it does.

Simple solutions are always better.

We are always striving for the simplest solution—for our clients. That’s not necessarily the simplest solution for us. The first and fastest solution you come up with is often complicated and not really elegant. Most people might be okay with that  as long as it works. We’d never be.

We're experts but no one-trick ponies.

We are quite well versed in financial modeling, risk & treasury management. Concepts that are developed and used in this domain—like the “value at risk”—can be used in other areas, too. And vica versa. We always try to look beyond our own nose and deliver not just “best practice” solutions but the best solution.

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